2 AA Battery Holder

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A 2 AA Battery Holder is device for holding and connecting two AA (Double-A) Batteries in series with a positive and a ground lead coming off of it. The positive lead has a Voltage of 3 Volts and the ground is at 0 volts. This pack also has a built in switch, which we find useful.


We use these battery holders in a lot of projects, since 3V is useful for powering 3v motors and most LEDs.


Where We Get Them

We get ours from TeacherGeek.com. Here is a link: https://teachergeek.com/products/2-aa-battery-holder-w-switch-10-pack?variant=344857861


In some projects, such as the LED Lightsaber we use a Long 2 AA Battery Holder, which also provides 3 Volts.