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At Parts and Crafts we do a wide variety of projects. We'll try to break them up to help you find what you need, but many of our projects will fall into more than one category.



Cardboard Speaker: a working speaker that you can plug into your phone or computer and play sound, and it's made of cardboard!

Electromagnet: a simple device that creates a magnetic field using current through a wire

Whoa Machine: A kaleidoscope that uses color changing LEDs.

Infinity Mirror: Bounces the light from some LEDs back and forth to make a tunnel of light!

Motor Car: An electric car that runs on a 3v motor.

Dynamo: A simple generator that uses a gear train to light an LED.

Popsicle Stick Reed Switch: Light an LED with a magnetic switch

Copper Tape Circuits: A simple circuit mounted on the back of a card

LED Lightsaber: A cool light up sword with a PVC handle.

LED Lightsaber: Prep the Materials: How to cut and size materials to build your own LED lightsaber


Harmonikazoo: a noisemaker using a vibrating rubber band

Big Wings: foldable wings that you can strap to your back

Flapping wing kit: turn a gear, make a bird flap its wings!