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Welcome to the Parts and Crafts Project Wiki

Here you can see some of our projects and learn more about how to make them yourself.

Many of our projects have videos that you can watch on Youtube!

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link = Motor Car 00FinishedInfinityMirror.jpg

Featured Projects

Left This just in: We are releasing our Cardboard Speaker kit!

Also, you can check out last month's kit, our Infinity Mirror and Whoa Machine kits, which are part of the Monthly Make-It

List of Projects

Here are some of our most recent and most excellent projects:

   DIY Rocket Launcher: DIY rockets using a bike tube and a PVC stand
   Marshmallow Launcher:  Make your own with a collection of PVC joints!
   Stomp Rocket:  Repurpose your marshmallow launcher to make a simple air tube rocket
   Big Wings: extendable wings you can put on your back
   Flapping wing kit:  build a set of wings that flap up and down
   Cardboard Speaker: a working speaker that you can plug into your phone or computer and play sound, and it's made of cardboard!
   Infinity Mirror: a cool device that uses two mirrors to create a tunnel of light!
   Whoa Machine: A cool kaleidoscope that uses color changing LEDs.
   LED Lightsaber: A cool light up sword with a PVC handle.
   Motor Car: An electric car that runs on a 3v motor.

   Water Bottle Rocket Launcher: a device for launching water bottles made of pvc pipes and fittings.

Click here to see a full list of our projects.

List of Materials

Click here to see a list of some common materials that we use around our shop.

List of Tools

Click here to see a list of tools we use to make our projects.

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