Marshmallow Launcher

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Make a simple marshmallow launcher out of PVC pipe fittings!

This was the sixth kit in the Monthly Make It

How It Works

Your marshmallow/pom-pom launcher is a very simple PVC blowgun. You can build it almost any way you want. We have provided an assortment of PVC lengths and joints so you can experiment with different shapes and designs. A very simple marshmallow launcher might look like this:



Lengths are approximate.

2x 5” lengths of ½” schedule 40 PVC

2x 2” lengths of ½” schedule 40 PVC

3x 3” lengths of ½” schedule 40 PVC

2 ½” tees

2 ½” endcaps

1 ½” coupling

2 ½” 90 degree bends


Assemble The Kit

See what you can build!



Attaching the Mouthpiece

Because the ends of PVC can be sharp we recommend using the ½” to ½” PVC coupling as the end that you put your mouth on to blow into.

Put a mini marshmallow or a pom-pom in the other side, blow in the tube and see how far you can launch it!




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