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Make a simple rocket launcher out of PVC pipe fittings and a soda bottle!

This was the sixth kit in the Monthly Make It

How It Works

With the parts for your marshmallow launcher and a soda bottle you can also make a simple stomp-rocket launcher! The stomp-rocket launcher is very much like the marshmallow launcher, except that instead of using your lungs as the source of air to launch a marshmallow you stomp on a soda bottle.



All PVC is 1/2” diameter

2x 2” length of ½” PVC


1x ½” to ½” PVC coupling


2x ½” 90 degree joints


1x 11” Length of ½” PVC


Assemble The Kit

Step 1: Build the launcher

Attach 2” PVC to conduit -- this end will go into your soda bottle. Attach a 5” length on the other side.


Attach 90 degree joints to the end of the the 5” tube with a small 2” section between.


Attach 11” length of tube the the end of the bend. This is where you will place your paper-tube


Bend the tube up so it’s facing skyward!


Step 2: Attach the water bottle

Wrap the connections with electrical tape to prevent leaks.


Step 3: Make an airtube rocket

The stomp-launcher can be used to launch air-tube rockets. To make a rocket you just roll a piece of paper up around the long section of PVC, cut it down to size and tape it together so that it just barely fits around the pipe but can easily slide up and down.

Wrap a piece of paper around the pipe and secure it with electrical tape.


Make sure your rocket has space to move up and down! If it’s too tight, it won’t fly.


Fold the the tip of the tube over and tape it closed. This prevents air from escaping out the front.


The air tube will site on the end of the launcher and when you compress the soda bottle (by stomping on it) the air will launch the paper tube.



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